Drake Fry

Artist, Animatior, Digital Media Specialist

Drake Fry

Artist, Animator, & Digital Media Specialist


Adobe Creative Cloud Maya
3Ds Max Blender
Clip Studip Paint
Fire Alpaca Wings 3d
Divinci Resolve Sony Vegas
Toon Boom Harmony Toon Boom Storyboard


Ball State Digital Corps - Design Apprentice: Specialty Animation September 2022-current

Ball State Public Media - Digital Corps Fellow September 2022- May 2023


Under the City - Producer, Project Manager, Lead Designer & Lead Animator - 2020

Ball State PBS Spelling Bee 2023 - Animator and Storyboarder for Intro, Concept designer - 2023

Spring Promos for Ball State College of Fine Arts Theater Productions - Animator - 2023

PBS One Ball State Day Promos- Animator and Personality - 2023


The Broken Plate - "Weathering" and Facing Forword" - 2023

Other Projects:

Meet the Director: Redraw - Page 6: Panel 3 - 2023

Special credits to Drew Heiss, Connor Vessely, Riley Paulsen, & Trubbish for help with JS script issues
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